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Teamspeak File Transfers Empty Teamspeak File Transfers

Post by Courchea on Wed Sep 05, 2012 11:48 pm

1. Open your Teamspeak window. Just below the blue bar on top you are given a horizontal list of options. Drag your mouse over to "Tools" and scroll to "File Transfers" on the drop-down menu. Click on this and you will get the File Transfer box located in the bottom right corner of the screenshot. This is where any files are uploaded, the other person can download from.

Please see attachment!

However, you cannot directly upload to this box.
2. Make sure that you are in the right channel you want to be. It is also important that the other player is in the same channel, or they might not receive the files. Right click on the channel, and on the drop-down menu there should be the option "Open File Browser." Click on this and the box located in the upper right corner of the screenshot will show.

Teamspeak File Transfers Untitled-1

3. Click on the green triangle that is pointing towards the sky and this will open a file browser. Find the file on your computer and click it. The "File Transfer" box you opened earlier will come into view and show you the progress of your file upload. When it is completed you will see a balloon pop up saying your transfer is complete.

Teamspeak File Transfers TransferCompletedcopy

4. Click the path in the "File Transfer" box and it will download the file to your computer and open it up. Don't forget to save the file to your computer so you don't lose it.
5. Once you close out Teamspeak the files you downloaded from the "File Transfer" box will be removed. However, the files are still located in your "File Browser". Open the "File Browser" and if you don't want anyone to see the files, highlight the file you want to delete by clicking it. In the tool bar above there is a Red X icon. Click this and pop-up will ask you if you really want to delete the file. Click yes.

Teamspeak File Transfers DeleteFiles

And there you have it.
I hope that was helpful.


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