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Jaymod commands and immunities

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Jaymod commands and immunities Empty Jaymod commands and immunities

Post by Courchea on Wed Aug 08, 2012 7:20 am

Had some free time, so I made this list. Maybe it will help someone.

!admintest (!ad) - Displays your current admin level
!about (!ab) - Shows informations about the version of JayMod that is currently instaled
!ban (!ban) - Ban an online player; usage: !ban [player] [duration] [reason]
!baninfo (!bani) - Show ban details; usage: !bani [user id], ex. !bani fe96521a
!banlist (!banl) - List of banned users; usage: !banl [-ip IP]/[-level level]/[-name name]/[-since time]/[-auth authority]; ex. !banl -level 20
!banuser (!banu) - Ban an offline user; usage: !banu [user] [duration] [reason]
!cancelvote (!can) - Voids the current vote
!chicken (!chi) - Call a player chicken; usage !chi [player]
!crazygravity (!cra) - Change to a new random gravity every 30 seconds. No argument reports status
!crybaby (!cry) - Make a player cry like a little baby; usage: !cry [player]
!dbload (!dbl) - Reload (read & merge) the Admin System database files
!dbsave (!dbs)- Save the in-memory Admin System database to disk
!disorient (!dis) - Disorinets (flips) a player's view; usage: !dis [player]
!finger (!fin) - Get information about a player; usage: !fin [player]
!fling (!fling) - Fling a player randomly into the air; usage: !fling [player] [distance]
!flinga (!flinga) - Fling all players randomly into the air; usage: !flinga [distance]
!ftime (!ft) - Shows the Current Central Time in a FUN way
!glow (!gl) - All players emit a colored glow. No argument reports status;
!help (!he) - Shows all Admin System Commands you are authorized to use, and gives descriptions; usage: !he [command]
!kick (!k) - Kick a player off the server; usage: !k [player] [reason]
!launch (!launch) - Launch a player striaght up; usage: !launch [player] [distance]
!launcha (!launcha) - Launch all players striaght up; usage: !launcha [distance]
!levadd (!leva) - Create a new admin level; usage: !leva [number]
!levdelete (!levd) - Remove the admin level specicfied by LEVEL. Effected users will automatically be migrated to the level optionally specified by MIGRATE_LEVEL (default: 0); usage: !levd [level] [migrate_level]
!levedit (!leve) - Edit an admin level
!levinfo (!levi) - Show admin level details; usage: !levi [level]
!levlist (!levl) - List admin levels in database; usage: !levl [-name NAME]
!listplayers (!li) - Displays all players connected, their client number and admin levels
!lock (!loc) - Lock a team so players cannot enter it; usage: !lock [r|b|s|all]*
!lol (!lol) - Rain grenades from the sky; usage: !lol [player]
!lsplayers (!ls) - Displays all players connected, their client number, admin levels, team, xp, ping and cm
!mute (!m) - Mute so player can not talk. No voice commands, nor chat, nor admin commands; usage: !m [player] [reason]
!news (!new) - Plays the 'news' for the current or specified map; usage: !new [mapname]
!nextmap (!next) - Ends the current map and advances to the next map
!orient (!or) - Orients a player's view; usage: !or [player]
!page (!pag) - Shows a Page# from the last command which produced long output; usage: !page [number]
!pants (!pant) - Strip a player of their pants
!panzerwar (!panz) - A panzerfaust frag-fest. No argument reports status
!pause (!pau) - Pause the game
!pip (!pi) - Makes players glitter like a little elf; usage: !pi [player_filter]
!pop (!po) - Let all players pop of their helmets; usage: !po [player_filter]
!putteam (!put) - Put a specific player on a differend team [r|b|s]*
!rename (!ren) - Change a specific player's name; usage: !ren [player] [new name]
!reset (!reset) - Restart the current map andalso reset xp to what it was when map started
!resetmyxp (!resetm) - Completely reset your own xp
!restart (!rest) - Restart current map and keep all of the XP gained during the map
!revive (!rev) - Revive yourself, or revive a differend player; usage: !rev [player]
!seen (!see) - Find the last time a specicfic admin was seen on the server; usage: !see [player]
!setlevel (!set) - Change a specicfic player's admin level; usage: !set [player] [level]
!shake (!sha) - Make players screen shake for a chosen period of time. Default is 1 second; usage: !sha [player_filter] [time]
!shuffle (!shu) - Shuffles the teams based on xp gain
!slap (!sl) - Slap players around; usage: !sla [player_filter] [damage]
!smite (!sm) - Sets players on fire; usage: !sm [player_filter]
!sniperwar (!sniperw) - A sniper shootout. No argument reports status
!spec (!spec) - Instantly switch to spectators team and follow the specified player; usage: !spec [player]
!spec999 (!spec9) - Put everyone with ping 999 to spectator team
!splat (!splat) - Make a specicfied player go Splat!; usage: !splat [player]
!splata (!splata) - M-m-m-moster splat...!
!status (!st) - Server status. Various bits of internal information relating to server resources and operation; usage: !st [-all]
!swap (!sw) - Put all Axis on Allies, and all Allies on Axis. Spectators stay Spectator
!throw (!throw) - Throw a specific player straight ahead; usage: !throw [player] [distance]
!throwa (!throwa) - Throw all players straight ahead
!time (!ti) - Shows the current local server time
!unban (!unb) - Unban a specific player; usage: !unb [userid]
!unlock (!unl) - Unlock a team so players can enter it again; usage: !unl [r|b|s|all]*
!unmute (!unm) - Allow a player to talk again; usage: !unm [player]
!unpause (!unp) - Unpause the game
!uptime (!upt) - Displays how long the server has been running
!userdelete (!userd) - Remove the user specified by USERID; usage: !userd [userid]
!useredit (!usere) - Edit an user; usage: !usere [userid]
!userinfo (!useri) - Show user details; usage: !useri [userid]
!userlist (!userl) - List users in database; usage: !userl [-ip ip]/[-level level]/[-name name]/[-since time]

* - r - axis; b - allies; s - spectators; all - all players

voteImmunity: You can not be kicked, vote-muted, dropped for inactivity or complained against.
censorImmunity: You can not be censored or flood protected.
voteAny: You can call a vote anytime (even if disabled).
commandChat: You can run commands from team or fireteam chat.
balanceImmunity: You can switch to any team regardless of balance.
reasonNone: You do not need to specify a reason for kick/ban.
banPermanent: You do not need to specify the duration of a ban (permanent ban).
commandSilent: You can run commands silently from console (/!<command>)
specChat: You can see all team, fireteam and PM chat as spectator

PS: in every server commands for specific level may be different
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