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First Ideea :)  Empty First Ideea :)

Post by LuXor on Wed Aug 15, 2012 3:19 am

Ok my first ideea is :

For server -> We have adre already but im saying to remove it beacause our server isnt so populate as F|A servers or Etc and here are playing only beginners ( without us ) Wink so they can't kill anyone of us if we have adre and they havent . Other way is talking with all members and tell them to dont use adre when are beginners on the server but that's not so good anyway .
-> The second thing is : we need more fun on the server beacause if more ppl see our server populated they will come and they will enjoy so we can make amn idk maybe a date ( time / a day ) wehn we all are free ( all members ) and go to our server to play over there some time !
-> The third thing is ( that's for the owner ) Wink IF you can on holydays ( Christmas / Eastern / New Year , etc ) to add some new mod's for server .. but that's other problem and i think it's batter to make a particular discution so we can talk about this later maybe .

For site -> Nothing Smile It's a perfect one Smile Great Job Smile

Thx for waiting Smile LuXor

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First Ideea :)  Empty Re: First Ideea :)

Post by freddy.img on Thu Aug 16, 2012 11:04 am

OK OK OK Very Happy

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