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Post by Courchea on Wed Aug 08, 2012 7:39 am

Tutorial for newbies :-)
- ET is a team game in which the primary objective is to turn to, and not punched as many xp,
- Try to move in groups, alone are an easy target,
- It would be if each group found itself at least one physician,
- During the fighting always try to be in motion, running, jumping and shooting at the same time may seem a little wild, but it is preferable to a suicidal stand in place,
- An engineer is one of the main characters, so playing him primarily try to blow up / repair purposes, and then search for the enemy.



a) General Skills:

- Light weapons - an ability that develops through a pistol to kill someone or defend a basic targeting and grenades. For each enemy killed get xp 3, and 5 for killing him by a shot in the head,
Level 1:
After respawn receive one additional magazine.

Level 2:
Tranship weapons 35% faster than before.

Level 3:
Rifle recoil is reduced by 35%, and the gun by 50%.

Level 4:
Now, instead of one gun, you can keep the fire from two at a time.

/Senses Combat/ enerally can be provided so that the longer the fighting (and ask you get injured), the more you get xp and promoted faster. Individual grades are awarded for 30 seconds in the fight, and so: If within 30 seconds:

sk small injuries - 2 xp you'll ask and get injured - 5 xp
Kill and suffer injuries - 8 xp

Level 1: You get a pair of binoculars, and Covrt Op receives additional ability to detect hostile minutes through binoculars.

Level 2:
Stamina loads 60% faster.

Level 3:
The number of points of living increased by 15

Level 4:
Mines should no longer constitute an obstacle, because standing next to them, see their outline.

b) Special Skills (different for each class)
- Heavy weapons (soldier) - for the killing of any of the heavy weapons get 3 xp
Level 1:
Panzerfaust or the firing of mortar is picked up by 1 / 3 less power.

Level 2:
Heavy machine guns overheat 2x slower.

Level 3:
The heavy weapons move at normal speed.

Level 4:
If you use a mortar during the lifting can have a gun, in addition, despite possessing heavy weapons get Thompson or MP 40

/Medical/ physician, in addition to killing enemies also gets points for the treatment of colleagues with first aid kits (1 xp), and invigorate them with a syringe (4 xp)

Level 1:
At respawn and get one extra magazine and a grenade.

Level 2:
When we give away kits collected is only 15% power for one bar (previously 25%)

Level 3:
Restores the full force of the syringe (previously 50%)

Level 4:
You get the adrenaline, the use of which for 10 seconds you get half the normal damage, and did not tire at bieganiu. Note: administered adrenaline takes a whole power strip.

- Engineering (civil engineer) - a figure that has the most responsibilities that can get xp. Here is a list of individual actions:
Compensation for the vehicle - 3 xp repair the machine gun position - 5 xp repair tank - 7.5 xp blown up with dynamite important goal - 10 xp Killing someone by the face, and disarm enemy mines - 4 xp Disarmament hostile dynamite - 6 xp

Level 1:
You get extra grenades for grenade launcher

Level 2:
Arming and disarming mines and Dynamite 50% faster

Level 3:
Putting mines and dynamite take overs 1 / 3 less power strip

Level 4:
During the explosion, you get 50% less damage

/Signaling/ Field Op is experience points for giving my colleagues from the ammunition boxes (1 xp), the killing of someone by the bombing raid (3 xp), the killing of someone by the requested artillery (4 xp), and the destruction of a target (eg tank, truck - 5 xp)

Level 1:
In each hand you a package of ammunition, there is one extra magazine, and the distribution of parcels take 15% of the power bar (previously 50%)

Level 2:
When you call air strikes and artillery to level the bar is consumed by the 2 / 3 (formerly wore a full bar)

Level 3:
Requested artillery fire on target twice more, in addition, instead of one raid are immediately lowered twice.

Level 4:
You get the opportunity to identify an enemy spy in disguise, just that the sight is pointed at him, while it will be marked on the map

/Espionage/ (covert op) - spy is experience points for the discovery of hostile mines (3 xp), to disguise in the uniform of the enemy (5 xp), for killing an enemy laden radio (5 xp), to blow up some of the load (7 xp)

Level 1:
In each packet of ammunition will be located one extra magazine for the weapon with a telescope

Level 2:
Consumption power bar when loading podkładania radio and throwing smoke grenades is reduced by 1 / 3

Level 3:
When shooting with the sniper rifle sight swing is reduced by 50%

Level 4:
Using a knife causes the death of an enemy for the first thrust

-->3<-- Characters

Below I will present a brief description of each of our soldiers, the task is done, and the equipment he uses. Do not write here about the basic and secondary weapons, as each class (except Covert Opa) owns the Thompson or MP40

a) Soldier - its only task is to eliminate opponents, and therefore it was only equipped with heavy equipment.
Equipment - Mobile MG42, Panzerfaust, Flamethrower, Mortar

b) Medic - as the name implies, its main goal is to treat the wounded colleagues. Its important feature is the samoregenracja what makes him a dangerous opponent, its drawback is the small number of magazines to the basic weapons (especially at low experience)
Equipment - syringe, syringe of adrenaline, first aid kits

c) Field Op - Field Opa main task is to call air strikes and artillery support. Support may be requested well in a long time to lock in one place enemy forces, which may be a key moment of the mission. An additional task is handing out packets of ammunition. Note: Some servers have imposed a restriction notice artillery and bombers are available at any one time, so do not be surprised when sometimes you can not call support.
Equipment - Air Strike (flara to call a bomber), Artillery Strike (after namierzeniu through binoculars and press fire to start the onslaught of artillery), Ammo pack (package of ammunition)

d) Engineer - Probably the most important figure of the engineer was backing Dynamite under the main objectives of the mission, in addition to repair vehicles, bridges, places, and machine guns. An additional advantage is the engineer overs minutes in key locations.
Equipment - Pliers (thanks to them we can repair / disarm / arm, etc.), Dynamite, Mina

e) Covert Op - interesting character, playing it, we can incorporate both the sniper and saboteur. Note, however, if we are in the guise of a bull's eye with any weapon deprives us of uniform, so it is worth playing Covert underlay loads of radio and using them to dispose of the enemies. An additional advantage is the ability to disguise the opening of reach of one of the sides of the door.
Equipment - Smoke Grenades (smoke grenade), Satchel Charge (load radio) Note: The Covert was the only character does not have Thompson and MP-40 is available instead Sten.


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